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Welcome to Wordbase Greek!

Five programs in one

Wordbase Greek is a flexible program mainly focused on Ancient Greek and New Testament Greek. However it is easy to use it also for Modern Greek.


Wordbase contains a dictionary with all 5393 words in the New Testament. An other wordlist contains the same words sorted according to frequency. There is also a Swedish-Greek dictionary and frequency list.

Flash card system

Use the dictionary to create new word lists or enter own text. Any word list can be used in the flash card system.

Hangman game

Another fun way of learning Greek is to use the Hangman game. It is also based on the word lists, the one shipped with Wordbase or the ones You create.

Text editor

The fourth function is a Greek - Latin text editor, where You easily shift between Greek and Latin characters.

Grammar drill

Some word lists are made for grammar drill in the flash card section.

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